In a time of romantic crises, young Graziella seeks out a fortune teller who sees "Blood, blood, blood!" in her future. She and her twin brother Micky have just been cheated on by their respective partners. Each seek comfort and redemption within the cacophony of their mutual heartbreak. However, rumors and their own superstitions provoke them closer and closer towards taking revenge.

Featuring: Caitlin Zoz, Chris Dunlop*, Vanessa Koppel, Nicole Pursell, Nathaniel Peart, Chinaza Uche* and Enzo Ferrante

Dec 5th - Dec 18th
Access Theater
380 Broadway, 4th Floor
NY, NY 10013

Jordan Bean- Producer
Patrick Taylor- Assistant Producer
Caitlin Kellermeyer- Stage Manager
Brian Pollock - Assistant Director/ Assistant Stage Manager
Aaron Watson- Production Manager/ Technical Director
Mike Mcgee- Lighting Designer
Brooke Van Hensbergen- Scenic Designer
Lizzie Donelan- Costume Designer
Ali Tritto- Make-up and Hair Designer
Sound Design- Peter Mills Weiss
Kippy Winston- PR
Graphics- Alexia Merlo
Choreography consultation by
     Katie Rose McLaughlin & - "Vicky Witch Dances"
     Trevor Salter- "Twin Warp"