Getting To Know: Laura

I grew up in Bakersfield, California and left the sunny best coast for the alternately freezing and humid climes of Ohio, where I received my BA in Theater  and Music at Denison University. Besides falling in love with the intemperate weather - or what non-Californians call "seasons" - college is where I found a passion for activism, raising awareness for sexual violence & assault on campus and promoting a climate of conversation & consent.

I moved to New York City in January to pursue my career in acting (like all young hopefuls), and earn my daily keep as a personal assistant and bartender (like all jaded actors). I thought that when I moved to the city I wouldn't find the time or the outlet to serve my passion for service and female empowerment/equality, which is why I'm so glad my work has led to my involvement with the Born This Way Foundation and Dark Matter Productions. I love that DMP has a shared investment in women's stories & women in theater, but even more that they have a heart for telling under-served and ignored stories.

With my background in PR, social outreach, and marketing, I begged DMP to let me come on board, which just proves my long held theory that whining can get you everything you want in life. In short, I drive myself a little bit crazy running around the big apple trying to do all the things I love, but theater pieces like the one's DMP focuses on are my true passion projects.


  • My jaw hinges and snaps back like an alligator

  • The flying squirrel is my spirit animal

  • My ability to binge watch is UNPARALLELED

  • Stanley Tucci is my dream man with my dream career