HOTW: Campfire Stories
A brand new Hearts on the Wall event for the month of October.

Campfire Stories is just your average Hearts on the Wall - with a twist. In October we celebrate the coming of the new moon with a night of eerie campfire stories. We’re bringing you tales of the spooky and spiritual nature: bone-chilling run-ins with ghosts, hair-raising folklore, liminal experiences, shadow people and things that go bump in the night. But don't worry, you'll laugh too. 

Stop by, grab a drink, join the circle, and who knows... maybe you’ll meet a spirit or two.

Grab your tickets here!

Featuring Stephanie Swirsky, Jacob Marx Rice, David Lawson, David Hu, Kaitlyn Mills, Christine Anglin, Miles Neuvirth & Randall Benichak.

Surprises await those brave enough to enter.

Costumes are encouraged! 
Enjoy 1 free shot at the bar with the price of admission

With photography by Bryan Berrios & treats by KaiteryNYC